My AR Studio GLB Fix is a simple tool, based on Blender, useful to automatically correct the most common issues of GLB files. No knowledge of Blender is required to use it.


Let's download Blender from the website and install it.

Then let's download the file

My AR Studio GLB Fix.blend

and open it with a double click.

Upon opening a popup will appear asking us to confirm the execution of a script. Let's click Allow Execution 1 to start GLB Fix.

The tool is divided in two windows. On the left there are the instructions for use 2, on the right we find the 3D view and the control panel 3.


Using GLB Fix is ​​simple.

  • 1 In the control panel let's click on the Import GLB button
  • 2 Let's find the GLB file to load and click on the Import GLB button.
  • 3 If the result does not satisfy us, we'll change the import options in the control panel and repeat the operation from step 1
  • 4 Let's click on the Export GLB button to export a new file
  • 5 Let's choose an export folder, name the file and click on the Export GLB button


We have the following import options available:

  • 1 Clear Scene : clears all the objects from the scene before importing a new GLB file.
  • 2 Fix Transparency : fixes surfaces that have been set as transparent but are not displayed as such.
  • 3 Fix doubleside : corrects some display defects of transparent surfaces.
  • 4 Fix Normalmaps : improves normalmaps compatibility with various realtime rendering engines

Clicking Export GLB 5 will also apply additional compatibility fixes to the materials.

Finally, clicking the Help button 6 will open the My AR Studio online documentation.