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My AR Studio will
make your products
stand out on the web
in 3D and in AR.

Use Augmented Reality to level-up the presentation of your products, directly in your customers' house

It's simple:
with My AR Studio
you sell more.

A key factor for success is to interact with your customers right in the places they usually hang out at.

We live in a picture driven world. The next step is to add the third dimension.

With My AR Studio you can embed 3D models in your website as easy as you embed pictures. The benefit is that 3D models do not live only on your website but also in the real world thanks to the Augmented Reality. Your customers can now experience your products live on they smartphones, in their houses or offices, feeling safer to buy and share them.

My AR Studio brings this power to you and takes care of the technical aspects of the process.

Come funziona?

Creating an immersive experience for your website is quick and easy.

Only few steps to display
your products as desired

Come funziona?

What's the value of virtualization today?

We can help you increase the competitiveness of your business by using digital innovation.

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