From Substance 3D Painter to Augmented Reality

This is a quick guide to show you the main steps to go from Substance 3D Painter to the web and Augmented Reality. Refer to the other articles in this section for more details about Substance 3D Painter and My AR Studio.

Export a GLB file

In Substance 3D Painter it will be enough to export the model into GLB format.

Once you are done editing in Substance 3D Painter do as follow:

  • click on 1 File > 2 Export Textures
Export a GLB from Substance 3D Painter step 1
  • select the export folder 3
  • choose glTF PBR metal roughness as export template 4
  • press Export 5
Export a GLB from Substance 3D Painter step 2

Import and prepare a file in My Ar Studio

Now let's move on to my AR studio, drag our GLB into the interface, Drag and drop the GLB to import into My AR Studio

it will then be possible to view the model immediately, at this point we generate a poster 1 the first image that will be displayed during loading, Create the poster

we assign illumination 2, Illumination

At this point our model is ready, just click "Save and publish" 3. Save and publish

Possibility of sharing

Once the upload and conversion process completes, you can find your model in the projects page, where you can see the Universal Viewer 4, that is the central panel with the 3D Viewer where you can rotate and zoom the object. At the bottom right of it, you can find the QR that allows instant access to Augmented Reality 5.

There are several options for sharing the model.

You can send the direct link to the Universal Viewer 6, via Whatsapp, email, or other channels and this link will show your model on any modern browser, on desktop and smartphones and in Augmented Reality on Apple iOS and Android devices.

You can also easily embed the 3D viewer on any site, just copy this snippet 7 and paste it on the web page.

Remember that My AR Studio has an integrated cloud hosting system, you don't have to manage the hosting of models to view or share them.

It's also possible to download the QR code in high definition, perfect for printing 8. Share the Universal Viewer