Basic workflow

Welcome to My AR Studio!

In this video:

  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 0:10 What is My AR Studio?
  • 0:50 Tutorial, documentation and how to ask for assistance
  • 1:15 Let's get started!

Upload your first project

In this tutorial we will see how to upload a GLB file in My AR Studio.

  • 0:00 what is the editor?
  • 0:09 GLB download link
  • 0:26 let's get started!
  • 0:30 import the GLB file
  • 0:45 move the model in the editor
  • 1:08 give it a name
  • 1:15 create the poster
  • 1:55 save and publish the 3D object
Download GLB

1. Add a new project

After login you will get to the Projects page. You can access this page also by clicking on the icon 1.

Add a new project by clicking on 2. New added project will be listed below 3.

Empty projects page

You are now in the Editor page. The main parts are:

  • Panel tabs 1
  • Panel content 2 of selected tab
  • 3D View 3
  • Topbar 4
Editor page

2. Import a 3D model

To start drag and drop a .GLB file into the 3D View 1 to load a 3D model. If you don't have one at hand click on the button below to get one and follow along.

Download GLB Importing a GLB 3D object in the Editor

3. Take a poster

Now click on the on the Export panel 1 to enable poster mode. Click on the GENERATE POSTER button 2.

Entering Poster mode to take a snapshot of your model

The taken poster will appear below 3.

Poster mode after the snapshot is taken

4. Set a name

Now click on the icon on the Topbar 1 and enter a name for you project.

Renaming a project

5. Publish to cloud

You are now ready to export and publish to the cloud. Click on the SAVE AND PUBLISH button 1: a window will appear while your model is sent to the cloud for further processing and publishing.

80MB is the maximum allowed size of the 3d model with textures.
Ready to upload a project to the cloud