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Where am I in the digitalization process?

"Where am I in the digitalization process of my product and what do I need to know to put digital technologies at my service in its promotion?"

In this section we explain what the process of digitalization of a product is and we offer to you some tools to understand what your journey, to leverage 3D and Augmented Reality to promote your product, could be.

We focus on product visualization and we segmented the level of digitalization into 3 tiers: if your level is high enough you can immediately gain advantages by using My AR Studio. If you don't score the highest level, don't worry, we are guiding you on what operations and tools you can use to increase your score and start making gains.

You can find links to related articles to explore in more details what suits you. If you have doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to suggest what is best for your situation.

Happy digitalization!

1. Product

I have the physical product only.

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To get the base 3D model of your product


Available now to create a 3D model

  • 3D Modeling (CAD or mesh)
  • Photogrammetry
  • Scan with LIDAR

2. Geometry

I have a base 3D model of my product.

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Once you have a 3D model of your product you need to dress it and optimize it. Common operations are format conversion, reduction of number of triangles, dressing using materials and textures.


You can use generic 3D modeling softwares or software designed to manage optimization and dressing.

3. Digital Twin

I have the GLB of my product, optimized and dressed.

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You are ready to integrate your digital product into your e-commerce / info-commerce.


Insert the Universal Viewer of My AR Studio into the description pages of your products.

  • Manual linking
  • Examples of CMS that can be integrated with My AR Studio:
  • - Wordpress
  • - Elementor
  • - Woocommerce
  • - SquareSpace
  • - Magento
  • - …

✌️. My AR Studio

I distributed my product on the web in 3D and in Augmented Reality and I am leveraging the new technologies to engage my clients and show my product remotely!

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