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Do you need a tailored experience?
Trust My AR Studio team.

Do you need the 3D model of your product?

Our team of experts is always ready to give you support in all the phases of the virtualization process.

Provide us with the necessary information (pictures, dimensions, materials, desired variants, ...) and we will give you a quotation based on the complexity of your project.

Don't hold back, we can assist you in creating your virtual showcase. Contact us and we will take care of it!

Analysis of the product information
3D product modeling in 1:1 scale
Creation of photorealistic materials
Distribution of the approved complete product

You don't have the 3D model
and would like a scan
of your real

Photogrammetry is the answer!

Photogrammetry is an advanced technique that create precise measurements starting from a set of pictures of a real object. Specific algorithms extract the physical dimensions and the shape of an object and you can get a realistic 3D model.

Thanks to this technique we can create detailed and realistic 3D models.

Discover our course on photogrammetry

From photos to 3d model.

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