Multi user management - Multi company switch

My AR Studio added the multi-user feature. You can have multiple users cooperate on the same set of projects. You can also invite external freelancers that can access the models of multiple companies with a single account.

Multi user management - Multi company switch
My AR Studio multi user management. Invite members, assign roles.

My AR Studio now allows the cooperation of multiple users on the same account!

You can now invite users into your Team and set different roles: for example you can have a person from the product team that uploads the 3D model and a person from the marketing team that access the viewer link and have it placed into your website (without the risk of messing up each others' work 🙌).
Or you can invite a freelancer to help you with the 3D models without giving access to the user or license management 🔒.

Multi user management in My AR Studio: invite a member and assign a role.

Freelancers can now use a single account to work on multiple companies.
This is also useful for big companies that have multiple departments.
You can use the same account and switch the company you are working on without having multiple logins.

The multi-seats feature is available on the Enterprise plans.

Additional information available on the documentation page.