New Hotspots system

The Hotspot system of My AR Studio was redesigned with an improved appearance and more flexibility. You can now create simple hotspots or complex ones with descriptions and links to improve the presentation of your product even more.

New Hotspots system
Examples of different type of hotspots that the new Hotspot system of My AR Studio allows

We redesigned the Hotspots system with an improved appearance and also much more flexibility.

You can now:
- specify a title and a descriptive text
- add a link and personalize the link label
For "old style" hotspots, you can just insert the text, leaving title, link and link label blank.
Since you may have many hotspots on top of your model, now each hotspot can be opened and closed individually.
You can also specify which hotspots start open at load.

Check the documentation for further information.