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Why virtualize?

What's the purpose of virtualizing your products?
What are the main advantages in creating a digital showcase today?

Look at your future with a strategy and awareness

Thanks to the evolution of 3D technologies, nowadays you can create shapes, objects and scenes with computer graphics, in such a realistic way that you would like to be able to touch them.

This evolution has concrete applications for companies that can gain a competitive advantage in their own field.

More and more companies rely on the creation of 3D models. Why are they preferring the 3D models to traditional pictures?

Products come alive

With three dimensions, products can come alive on the web, in Augmented or Mixed Reality, on micro-animations to target social media, on virtual or printed catalogues, on digital archives. They can be used in many ways for present and future applications.

Improvements in design and prototyping phases

Designer and engineers will love the possibility to experience the model while creating it.

Time saving

A 3D prototype allows quicker design cycles.

Less costs

A digital twin is easier and cheaper to modify than a real one: fix design errors and explore variants quicker and at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Easier communication

3D projects are much more information-rich than a traditional 2D picture. Sharing of information with customers and clients is more clear and concise.

Ready for technological evolution

Working with 3D models is a consolidated trend. Having the 3D model today allows you to take an advantage of all present possibilities and be ready for the future ones.

Manage the evolutions of the digital world

Recent changes of people behavior increased the request and consumption of online contents. Great opportunities lie in responding quickly to new market requirements.Internet traffic is growing exponentially all around the globe: the main trends are e-learning, social media, gaming, live streaming, virtual entertainment and smart working.All contents and services that can be consumed online are receiving great attention. Availability of these contents, as a chain reaction, also influences people's behavior.As an example, more and more people prefer buying products on e-commerce websites (in 2020, 26.28% of the 7.8 billion people in the world made online purchases. Oberlo).

A new challenge for companies that need to find alternative sales channels along with the traditional, face to face way, employing new digital tools suitable for their customers' needs and reference market.

What's the best way to use virtualization to communicate and share useful experiences in the digital era?

By virtualizing you can offer immersive and appealing experiences of your products with a realistic appearance and high fidelity. The results are the shortening of the sales pipeline, the reduction of marketing and logistic costs, the increase of customers engagement and new chances to get an edge on competitors.

What fields can benefit from these digital experiences right now?

  • Sales: virtual catalogue/e-commerce
  • Product pitch and promotion
  • Virtual archives
  • Events/Exhibition
  • Human Resources
  • Training
  • Education

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